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Tunni Kraus

Tunni Kraus

A Long distance relationship (detail) Mobile phones, electrical wire 2017

A Long distance relationship (detail)
Mobile phones, electrical wire

We resonate at unprecedented speeds, maybe we always have. Rising temperatures and higher frequencies. Phantom vibrations entertain the silent noise. From the romanticized, slow paced, mark making of the past to the constant spiral of instant communication - mercury is ascending. An upsurge of expression - social connectedness and social isolation, enriched diversity and cultural homogenization, intimate whispers and wide reaching broadcasts. I am in two places at once but am I free from the tyranny of geography? Through collecting and reassembling mobile phones, a new system is created that dissects our everyday communication habits and unravels the tensions and anxiety brought about by the emergence of constant connection. A new long distance relationship.

Tunni Kraus is an Australian artist. Spanning new media, installation, sculpture, intervention and video art, his subversive works challenge the social implications of the way we consume, communicate and make meaning. He is currently exploring ideas of ritual and identity through experimenting with digital communication technologies, moving image and mark making practices. After completing his Master's degree in Public Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2010, he has been commissioned by MONA FOMA, McClellan Sculpture Survey and Award and Footscray Community Arts Centre, Australia. In 2013, he founded Pink William in Melbourne.